Soweto Alexandra Township Visits, Plus Africa in Johannesburg

Hi there, this is Cedric, (and wife says Hi), like the rest of the world, the Virus has resulted in a very fragile world.

I have just completed a manuscript, Aborigines Short Stories, and will be promoting in particular, the thread, Systematic Racism, which supplements our past 16 years development.

From Monday, 27 June, I will be publishing a post on South Africa’s virus management, which will guide and give the visitor confidence to once again walk the streets with us.

Our daily Soweto, Alexandra, and Johannesburg visits, once some clarity is available, will link off this page.

In the interim, please do not hesitate to contact me on or WhatsApp text on +27 82 565 2520.

Keep Well

Cedric de la Harpe & Nettie de la Harpe







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