AC Log Day 001 Ubuntu Food Chain finally takes root

Ubuntu Food Chain the future

AC Log Day 001, It is Friday August 14, I consider the 2020 Coronavirus first wave, to have past, my period is defined as After Coronavirus, “AC”, I refuse to define as a new world, a novel world, or any other description, that attempts to hide the impact of the economic lockdown, on our black ‘poverty’ population.

Years ago I launched the “Ubuntu Food Chain”, the aim is to return the Food Chain to the African Population, the interaction fell of ‘deaf-ears’, the Ubuntu Food Chain, was a direct attack on the food chain controlled by the ‘white capitalist monopoly’, and this has not taken place in South Africa yet, not in 368 years, as a tour operator, I will be unemployed for most of the next year, today I commit to walking the streets of Soweto at least one day per week, listening to those on the street, talking to those eager to listen.

AC Log Day 001, Ubuntu Food Chain the future
Ubuntu Food Chain the future

My granddaughter had recently bumped her other grandad’s car, she was committed to have the car repaired, her quote from the suburban panel-beater, was R 7,000 her excess is R 5,000, is my first stop is my Soweto Panel-beater Johannes, mobile number is 079 297 9343, where the price is 25% of the suburbs, and the quality, just as good. My family and friends have the normal ‘white’ reservations about taking their car into Soweto, let alone leaving it overnight, in the panel-beaters care, so if any of you need  a panel-beater, I will be the intermediate with pleasure.

From Johannes I start my days walk, I am looking for the Ubuntu Food Chain leaders, Angie is not home, she is in Vereeniging, burying her Mother’s in-law, and acquaintance greets me, happy to see me again, we discuss the CV, the lockdown, she asks me if I have heard about the illuminate, Makekoe has heard that one person is going to rule the world, she tells me he is the pope, but not the church pope, she has seen the pyramid, the 13 richest people in the world, the next level, names and numbers.

Charlie, my Shebeen owner friend, is sitting watching the news, his complaint was that SA Breweries claimed not to have stock to sell to him due to the initial lockdown, they needed to go to Makro, I hear this same story a few streets down.

I have always used the SAB distribution into the Townships and Rural Native areas, as my example of the Ubuntu Food Chain, the removal of the intermediate link, and today I realise how the system is gong to remove the economy from the black townships and native areas, simply by removing the direct supply chain between SAB and the population.

During the Apartheid era, the Government used alcohol to destabilise the African population, and the results can be found in every statistic, in order to achieve this, SA Breweries had the permission to deliver direct to the ‘illegal’ shebeen, where the main consumption takes place, a strength that would make it impossible for opposition brewers to compete in South Africa.

SA Breweries built their wealth as part of the Apartheid destabilisation process, and today, they will be the vehicle that removes R 10 of every bottle of beer consumed in the Townships and Native areas, from their economy.

Many politicians, many black businessmen, have made claims over the years, that their grandparents had  educated them through the income generated through the sale of alcohol. These politicians and businessmen, do not realise that more important, was the exposure to the business principles, and the customers.                     

I pass Mohamed’s house with reservations, he is old, and not very healthy, I fear that the CV may have taken him, he is alive, I joke with his wife, “If he is still alive, we need not fear the virus”. Mohamed takes me a few streets down to meet ‘Inteakso’, he is an interesting man, and possibly one that I am looking for, it is Friday, he is on his way to the Mosque, and I arrange to return next Thursday.

I pass the late T-Man’s place, my favoured drinking spot between 2004 and 2010, Charles is standing at the gate, we talk for 30 minutes, we discuss the UFC, we discuss the shebeen, we discuss the CV, “Cedric I have a few guys you must talk to”, I have achieved my day 1 mission.

I pass Rudy’s place, his young daughter, about 7, had just died from cancer, the old-school teacher, Didi, she is not home, Manqoba, he is repairing a car elsewhere, Aunty Pat, is sill with her niece,  can go home, satisfied with Day 1.

For a greater understanding of my AC Log Day 001 thought pattern, check my personal weblink below.

Cedric de la Harpe                            


Dear President Ramaphosa Black Livelihoods’ Matter 00

Taste of Africa

Dear President Ramaphosa,



BLM;      Black Livelihood’s Matter:   

South Africa, pre-democracy, and post-democracy, has always followed our big-brothers, the controllers of the ‘money-bags’, although I am not a supporter of this process, I do not blame the Politicians from both sides of the divide, for the economic turmoil.

South Africa, is suffering along with the world, as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and I do not envy you, as you attempt to restore our economy back to some stability, in particular, at the lower end of the economic chain.

South African Tourism and Hospitality, including the black informal traders, the Taverns and Shebeens, generates IMPORT income, essential ensure that we recover some sort of positive balance of trade, which in turn will start to improve or finance ‘ratings’.

While we are all locked down, the World has taken the opportunity to introduce the New Industrial Revolution, with technology replacing the human, and the world talks about using the lockdown to start a new ‘green/eco’ economy, and South Africa activists are driving this novel new world.

The best advice that could be given to your Parliament, and the Coronavirus Command Council, when you get to proposals to recover the economy, is to consult with the Economists who will be more experienced than me, with regard to your available resources, this submission involves the South African Tourism and Hospitality Industry, and the Informal Traders, in particular the Taverns and Shebeen Industry.

South Africa has the Product, the beauty, the climate, the struggle history, the culture, the people, accommodation establishments, restaurants, entertainment venus, to supplement the product.

South Africa has a long track record of International Customers, who have purchased our product over many years, and we should take advantage of one of the Coronavirus new world movements, black livelihoods’ matter, to stimulate this industry.

Our Tourism and Hospitality plus Informal Tavern and Shebeen sector, as experienced, skilled Labour, waiting for you to press the button, no technological introduction, will be as easy, and as successful, all you need is to press on button.       

South Africa’s National Airliner, SAA has been thrown a life-line by the State, when I first heard the news, I celebrated, I believed that the plan was to get into the International Business and Tourism sector, one step ahead of the opposition.

My tourism business, visits to Soweto, Alexandra, and Native Villages, was brought to a halt, before lockdown, when the alcohol ban was lifted, I could resume my community activist involvement, preparing for the return of the International Visitors.

Our BRICS partners, Brazil, Russia, India, and China, are not trapped in the Europe and USA Scientific Model, and we should take the opportunity to set South Africa, as a leader in the new world after Coronavirus, while the world is forced to support the BLM protests, South Africa should show the world that Black Livelihoods’ Matter. 


President Cyril Ramaphosa, we have heard your repeated claim, that your Command Council has followed the Scientists, I see flaws in the model that our Country is following, flaws that have removed the majority of the population, from the opportunity to scrounge a  living, in what was a very difficult economy to survive in pre-Coronavirus, and our citizens  deserve answers.     

During the next eight days, I will publish Addendum to this letter, challenging the scientific advise that your Command Council is following, advise that is crippling the tourism and hospitality industry, advise  that is condemning our black population, historically oppressed and suppressed, into the informal economy for survival. The Coronavirus Management model that we are following, is driven by a fear factor, aimed to protect the elderly in the wealthy countries on the world, this model gives no consideration to our black population’s livelihood, already condemned through generations of suffering.

In terms of Section 32(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act 108 of 1996, this letter and the following addendum, will seek the information that will answer to the information/advice, information that will either confirm that your scientific model has substance, or, encourage you to restore our human rights, with compensation.

If any human rights abuses have taken place, that can be linked to a scientific model implemented to a population, where there is no scientific proof, that the targeted lives that the model wished to save, warranted the forced removal of the majority of our population, from their ability to provide food for the family, we need to recover the damages.      

I submit that the WHO and the World Medical Industry, through the Esidimeni incompetence and corruption, were very aware of the lack of facilities, the lack of competence, the practice of Corruption that we have spoken about for years, and where we still have no successful track record, that we can use State Funds in the interest of the people, the actions defined by the Scientific Model, only focusses on the ‘killing of the virus’ so that it could not return to Europe, and that South Africa, will achieve this for the European Scientific Model, while knowing the costs and risks to the majority of the population, those Black Livelihoods’ that do not matter.

President Ramaphosa, on May 09, 2020, the PM of Pakistan removed lockdown because the informal traders were no longer able to feed their families, one of the addendum that follows, will include this amazing foresight and achievement, South Africa’s Black Livelihoods’ Matter concerns, requires you to remove the lockdown today, don’t prejudice our citizens till a Court Action rules, that your countries Black Livelihoods’ do Matter.


Cedric de la Harpe           

Proof of attempted delivery
Proof of attempted delivery

August 02, 2020