Soweto Alexandra Township Visits

Our Soweto Alexandra Township Visits have survived the lockdown:

Soweto Alexandra Township Visits
Soweto Alexandra Township Visits

Hi there, this is Cedric, (and wife says Hi), like the rest of the world, the Virus has resulted in a very fragile world.

I have just completed a manuscript, Aborigines Short Stories, and will be promoting in particular, the thread, Systematic Racism, which supplements our past 16 years development.

Our daily Soweto Alexandra Township Visits, plus Africa in Johannesburg visit, once some clarity on opening our borders,  will link you to the magic of Africa, off this page.

Soweto Visit:

We remain the preferred travel operator, who refuses to do the “zoo-like” tour, we will ferry you in from Melville, or, for a slight price adjustment, from other parts of Johannesburg.

We have walking routes, from 4km to 7km, your choice, my favourite lunch stop, is the Mutwa’s @ Nancefield Hostel, the closest that you will get to Africa, while in Africa.

Soweto Cedric's favourite lunch venue
Cedric’s favourite lunch venue

Should you be vegetarian, please carry your lunch with you, you are welcome to join the Mutwa community for lunch.

Should you wish to cover as many areas as possible, the local shared taxi will get you there cheaply.

Alexandra Visit:

Alexandra is my personal preferred experience, high density, business activities on every street, and once again lunch a the Madlala Mens Hostel.

Alexandra, a hive of activity.
Alexandra, a hive of activity.
Alexandra High Density Living
Alexandra High Density Living

Johannesburg Visit:

Africa in Johannesburg
Africa in Johannesburg

Walking the Streets and using local transport, allows us to get close to our heritage,

Please do not hesitate to contact me on or WhatsApp text on +27 82 565 2520.

Keep Well

Cedric de la Harpe & Nettie de la Harpe


We have been involved for sixteen years, presently we are involved in the following tow initiatives;


Ubuntu Food Chain the future
Ubuntu Food Chain the future


Courageous Conversations
Courageous Conversations

Cedric and Nettie de la Harpe




Domestic Conflict Resolution needs Courageous Conversations

Domestic Conflict Resolution needs Courageous Conversations if we ever wish to reduce gender violence.

Courageous Conversations
Courageous Conversations

Two weeks back I start walking the streets of Soweto, promoting the Ubuntu Food Chain, and Human Dictate, and the following ‘Women’s Physical Security’ ‘world map’ attracts attention,  I included it in earlier writings, where I simply attached blame to the Coloniser, my mindset did not try to analyse it.

Domestic Violence Resolution, Woman' Physical Security;
Woman’ Physical Security;

I had questioned why domestic violence is prevalent in the previously colonised countries, and during our discussion, I make the comment that I personally have only been aware of one domestic violence issue during sixteen years, even though I have watched carefully.

One of my ‘brothers’ of ten years, ‘R’, makes the following comment, “There are problems, but the police, the lawyers, the social counsellors, do not help, on the TV, all these ‘not in my name’ activists, make a lot of money, but do not come and talk to the people.”    

We are in the process of forming the Ubuntu Food Chain executive, and Domestic Conflict Resolution becomes our priority,     

The above ‘world map’ that the women in Europe, is at the least risk of violence, followed by the women USA, Australia, and the south of South America.

Our first question why Argentine, Paraguay, and Chile’s women’s physical security, is the same shade of  green as the USA and Australia?

I return home seeking an answer to this question, and arranging to return two days later to launch our Domestic Conflict Resolution forum, and invite the group to invite other elders to join our next meeting.

I do my research, and structure the suggested process, on how the forum could operate. 

According to my Google search;

Domestic violence in Argentina is a serious issue. … However, the policies of Argentina have been criticised for being weak, primarily due to focusing on civil, rather than criminal dealing with this form of violence, and for stressing conciliation between victim and perpetrator.

Focusing on civil rather than criminal dealing with domestic violence, is considered to be a weak policy of control, by the Western Capitalist Democracy, when the principle of conciliation between victim and perpetrator, is African culture, and practiced by many other cultural groups.

The Australian white woman’s risk of violence, is 40 times less than the Aborigine woman, causing the darker shade of green.

Domestic violence, in the Aboriginal group, has escalated during the past twenty years. The Australian State, is considered to be a ‘nanny state’, every aspect of  the populations daily lives are controlled, the Aborigine group, is the minority of the population, why has Australia as a nanny state, not been able to achieve an equal state of woman security for all, for my answer, I quote extract from Google;

There are multiple complex and diverse factors contributing to the high levels and severity of family violence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It must be clearly understood that the causes do not derive from Aboriginal culture. Family violence is not part of Aboriginal culture. However, the disadvantage, dispossession and attempted destruction of Aboriginal cultures since colonisation have meant that family violence has proliferated in Aboriginal communities.

I return to Soweto on Thursday 27, with a very clear understanding of the need to follow the Argentina model, very simply, we will introduce the concept, and invite those who feel like getting into conflict, to approach us.

I have heard that we have a number of ‘elders’ who wish to participate, Human Dictate, Ubuntu Food Chain, needs to be put on ice.


I walk into a new world, the world of ‘papgeld’ how could I never have seen this media circus, a media circus that encourages the support of the mother’s maintenance claim, and a media circus  that makes their income off the ridiculing and defaming the father.

‘R’ has fifteen people, woman and men, who would like to get involved in the Domestic Conflict Resolution, all as victims, all been in conflict for many years, silently, the police, the lawyers, the social counsellors, the courts, all performing according to the western democratic norms, done their job, taken their money, given the man the maximum sentence, and in most cases, the father and the mother are left in conflict.

‘R’ becomes victim 1, in 2009 he is jailed 2,400 hours, to serve ‘periodic’ 1,000 suspended, a judgement to pay R 26 000.00 arrears maintenance, and for very R 3 000.00 he paid, 20 hours would be reduced from his suspended sentence.

Hidden in the scenario is the family home, registered in the name of the father, occupied by the mother, value, maybe R 2-million, not part of the divorce settlement, only a brief media mention, why is his never part of the Court proceedings? 

I take the ‘R’ files home with me, I read, I re-read, the Magistrates, the Judges, all following the legal structure, applying the western capitalist law to an African culture that is in conflict, judgements that should never have occurred, domestic conflict that originated in 1995, three children cultivated in the domestic violence for fifteen years, a family in conflict. 

To all the “Not in my Name” activists, your activism should not be directed at ‘keeping our streets safe’, we should all be at the family court, helping the awaiting trail prisoners at sun-city, the gender violence conflict is not on the street, it is in the home, hidden by embarrassment, hidden by he stigma attached to the ‘brand’, don’t be afraid to support the father, it may save the wife and children.


Domestic Conflict Resolution Courageous Conversations:



The take home lessons are, first, that imposing stricter restrictions early in an epidemic than are necessary to prevent a health system being overwhelmed is likely to have little impact on the proportion of the population that is eventually infected, in the absence of a vaccine becoming available before restrictions are relaxed. And secondly, that a well-timed imposition of strict  restrictions for a fairly short period as the herd immunity threshold is approached can hugely reduce the overshoot of the eventually infected proportion above the HIT. States that imposed strict restrictions early on and then relaxed them may find their populations unwilling to see such measures reintroduced. However, the populations of states that introduced milder restrictions and are in reality pursuing a herd immunity strategy may find the imposition of strict restrictions for a short period bracketing the crossing of the HIT to be an attractive option. In either case, the serious illness and fatalities associated reaching the eventual level of infections can be very greatly reduced if elderly and vulnerable people are shielded from infection, as discussed in an earlier article.14

Nicholas Lewis 28 May 2020

South Africa’s Coronavirus HIT herd immunity threshold, has been reached, without their scientists responding,

SA Death per age:

South Africa’s Coronavirus HIT herd immunity threshold has been reached without their scientists responding, I would love to analyse the Western Cape pandemic results, but first, for those admins who consider me to be spreading fake news, a little bit of my research.

Nic Lewis does a ‘peer review’ on theFerguson20 model,  (1).2020-03-16-COVID19-Report-9,  that South Africa follows, here I discuss South Africa’s ‘inhomogeneity’ which results in HIT at 35%:

The following comment on page 4, of F20, clearly does not extend the results of this study to include South Africa as a candidate to follow Ferguson.

I quote from Page 4

We do not consider the ethical or economic implications of either strategy here, except to note that there is no easy policy decision to be made.

Suppression, while successful to date in China and South Korea, carries with it enormous social and economic costs which may themselves have significant impact on health and well-being in the short and longer-term.

Mitigation will never be able to completely protect those at risk from severe disease or death and the resulting mortality may therefore still be high.

Instead we focus on feasibility, with a specific focus on what the likely healthcare system impact of the two approaches would be.

We present results for Great Britain (GB) and the United States (US), but they are equally applicable to most high-income countries.

Those who follow me, will know that I would normally use bold to highlight relevant details, in the above comment, everything is relevant, or maybe irrelevant?

I quote further:


The Transmission Model:  Page 4:

Census data were used to define the age and household distribution size. Data on average class sizes and staff-student ratios were used to generate a synthetic population of schools distributed proportional to local population density. Data on the distribution of workplace size was used to generate workplaces with commuting distance data used to locate workplaces appropriately across the population. Individuals are assigned to each of these locations at the start of the simulation.

The aims and objectives of the Ferguson20 report, is a specific focus on what the likely health care system impact will be.

Nic Lewis, in his review, is critical of the model due to the study done on a homogenous group, I am critical of South Africa’s use, because firstly, it is only equally applicable to most high-income countries:       

South Africa is poor, in comparison to the model?

The USA has USD 105,99 trillion, Africa has USD 2,2 trillion, South Africa, only USD 0,77 trillion, and South Africa has a median wealth of USD 6476, before Covid, 55,5% of South African lived in poverty, some 30 million people.

Net Wealth
Net Wealth

Europe and USA, thanks to their wealth, not only has medical facilities and systems, that are ten times more superior than what South Africa has developed for the majority of our population, which has resulted in ageing communities, and more importantly, a system that these wealth Countries provide, and that is the hospitalisation and commitment to their citizens, this commitment does not exist in South Africa.

Europe and the USA, quite rightly, establish that their normal medical service that they provide to their population, will be overloaded, and therefore the model, proposes lockdown, to assist their medical service provision, by South Africa following this model, we embark on a new dimension of medical treatment for our black poverty population, a dimension that our country will never afford, not under our present Government system.              

Let us look at the population structures:

South Elderly Comparison
South Elderly Comparison

South Africa has a 6% elderly population, Europe 20%, this is sufficient reason for South Africa to reject the Ferguson20 model, but table 1 below, requires us to analyse above figures first:

SA Elderly Compared to USA
SA Elderly Compared to USA

Very importantly, we need to scrutinise the findings, that require lockdown in Europe and the USA, and question South Africa’s use thereof;

Aged Ferguson20 model
Aged Ferguson20 model

The percentage symptomatic cases requiring hospitalisation, is what the study is based on, yet, South Africa, and the world, have been testing, whether symptomatic or not, thus our Government has failed by following the model, the Government has failed, by wasting our money by unnecessary, and extending lockdown, based on positive tests, whether symptomatic or not.

In the elderly age groups, 60>,  68,2% of symptomatic cases, required hospitalisation, the South African population demographics makes it impossible to follow the model.


SA Comparison Death Age
SA Comparison Death Age

South Africa has a high percentage of deaths in the 50 to 70 age group, in conflict with the model?

SA Death per age:
SA Death per age:

South Africa has failed the health of this age group, are we committed to remove this health threat? 

Why is our Age Death graph so different, this is  a topic that we will come back to, for now, get ready for the WesternCape Hide Immunity Threshold surprise that i will publish later today.

Cedric de la Harpe 




South Africa has been on Coronavirus Lockdown for nearly four months, during this process I have accepted my Aboriginal heritage, my new spirit follows the Aboriginal from West Africa across the Atlantic, eventually reaching our destination, the Aboriginal of Australia.

Some Australians are the first Settlers, who are showing signs of an expression of having a conscience. My spirit guide instructs me to look for the ‘killing fields’, all I can find is the conversations taking place around the ‘Killing Times’, as researchers collate memories and history from both Settlers and Aborigines, typically of the white settler, some honesty is expressed, but the truth remains hidden.

Then, I find the following comment, which directs me to the acknowledgement that the Aborigine had created grasslands, by burning the forestland over the centuries, this leads to the principle of Cool Burn, and the evidence that the Aboriginal, were farmers, in the real sense .      

This restriction proved ineffective too as graziers openly flaunted these restrictions and ran their sheep and cattle deeper and deeper into the interior, ironically in some situations onto grasslands the Aboriginals had created over the centuries by burning forestland.

Cool Burn
Col Burn

Research papers, typically would go though great detail, as the Settlers attempt to hide the truth, the massacres of the Aborigines are admitted to, the numbers never, the reasons always blame the Aborigine. Many Settler Families take years before they release a little bit of what they know about how their families were involved in the massacres, no-one talks about how their families secured their wealth.

In this latest move towards releasing the guilt conscience, almost no Aborigine voice is heard, if interaction takes place, they will extend their love and thanks, they will never express any antipathy towards the perpetrators of the evil, they fear repercussions, maybe death.

In South Africa, no antipathy is expressed by the Aboriginal, fears of repercussions is the continued exclusion from the formal economy, if antipathy does not exist, no reparation is possible, is what I have written about for years, today, I understand the Aboriginal reluctance, I question whether I am doing the right thing, by trying to generate antipathy.

I was cultivated to see the African, mainly as uncivilised, inferior, use descriptions in the diminutive, the boy, the girl, never as an adult, never as a human. While the language is biased, while hidden in the cultivated mind, is the intention of the language used, the concept that the Black, the Aborigines are inferior, antipathy is impossible.        

Hidden in all legislation, in all western academic writings, the text, is the ‘white’ bias thinking, that no matter how much ‘talking’ is being done between black and white,the use of the, English language, the bias that the nouns, the adjectives, the adverbs, tell different stories to different people, then I discovered, that the Aborigines used Cool Burn to manage their land, and suddenly, not only do I see the atrocities by the Settler through different eyes, this allows be to see superiority in the Aboriginal, superiority that I was only able to see, in the West African, the Mali, Mansa Musa, Timbuktu, legends.              

Cool Burn:

The Aboriginal farmed with what God had given them, the flora and fauna, throughout the centuries, they saved the flora and fauna, for the flora and fauna.

For as long as the human managed the flora and fauna, in the interests of the flora and fauna, the human’s food chain would be ensured, and the ecosystem would have looked like Australia when the Settlers arrived.

The Aborigine, would employ Cool Burn, when wind and weather conditions were favourable, a cool burn that allowed animals, including beetles and ant colonies time to escape. Young trees survived, the burnt grass kept its shape, and the grass seeds remained intact for regrowth.    

The Aboriginal people consider the trees’ canopy “sacred”, so a Cool Burn preserves the canopy of trees to achieve the following;

Protection and provision. The canopy provides shade, fruit flowers and seeds. It allows animals to come back quickly.


Refuge from the fire. When there’s a Cool Burn, insects and other small animals crawl up the tree to safety.


Preservation of the tree cycle. With a Cool Burn, the canopy remains intact the, tree does not miss its cyclic renewal, and preserves the tree cycle


Trigger for germination. The smoke from a cool burn goes through the canopy and triggers off a reaction for seeds up there to germinate.


During a Cool Burn, bush turkeys hunt for bugs and insects at the fire line while hawks scour it for small animals.


Animals know how to protect themselves from the Cool Burn: ants and snakes go deep down into their nests and burrows, kangaroos find safe spots on rocky outcrops.


New grass grows only weeks after a Cool Burn, it holds the soil together and provides a source of food for wombats, wallabies and native birds.


Wallaby, birds and other animals bathe in the cool ash to cleanse themselves of lice.

Sacred Grounds:

The Aboriginal people, live a lifestyle embodied in humanity, where God is supreme, where God is in all of us, including the flora and fauna. Within a family or clan structure, the most senior, the elder, is the God, my father would be respected as God, Unkulunkulu, when his father is present, his father is respected as the senior God, Unkulunkulu-Unkulunkulu.       

For this reason, family grave sites are sacred, and visited during cultural celebrations, community leaders grave sites, would be sacred to the entire community.

These cultural grave sites that the Aboriginal celebrates as sacred, whether in South Africa, Australia, or the Americas, the Settler found great difficulty in understanding, the Aboriginal’s anger, at our lack of respect for their sacred grounds, yet the entire Christian world, reacts to Turkey, moving Hagia Sophia from a status of Museum, visited by millions every year, to a Mosque status, which will still allow the millions to pay their respects.


Two months back, I had a reparation plan for the Australian Aborigine, a financial package that the world has never been presented with, the package would have moved the entire Aboriginal into the top 20% wealth bracket.

No reparation package paid to ‘black’ communities who have been severely prejudiced, has restored the Aboriginal, to the level where the Aboriginal descendants, will ever live the sustainable lifestyle, unless the perpetrators of the evil, acknowledge the evil, step one towards giving value to any financial reparation package.

While the systemic bias, that allowed the evil to remove the opportunities from people defined as non-white in 1681, while we allow the systemic bias mindsets, that allowed the economic segregation to continue through to today, no amount of money will restore the dignity and opportunity, that will bring reparation, if the present created social stratification, is not reversed.

Add your log to the fire, if it is placed in the right position, it will be a Cool Burn, you will be able to share the heat of your log, do not be afraid that your log will burn hot, it took our Aboriginal ancestors centuries to achieve the necessary skills.

Cedric de la Harpe

Dear President Ramaphosa Black Livelihoods’ Matter 00

Taste of Africa

Dear President Ramaphosa,



BLM;      Black Livelihood’s Matter:   

South Africa, pre-democracy, and post-democracy, has always followed our big-brothers, the controllers of the ‘money-bags’, although I am not a supporter of this process, I do not blame the Politicians from both sides of the divide, for the economic turmoil.

South Africa, is suffering along with the world, as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic, and I do not envy you, as you attempt to restore our economy back to some stability, in particular, at the lower end of the economic chain.

South African Tourism and Hospitality, including the black informal traders, the Taverns and Shebeens, generates IMPORT income, essential ensure that we recover some sort of positive balance of trade, which in turn will start to improve or finance ‘ratings’.

While we are all locked down, the World has taken the opportunity to introduce the New Industrial Revolution, with technology replacing the human, and the world talks about using the lockdown to start a new ‘green/eco’ economy, and South Africa activists are driving this novel new world.

The best advice that could be given to your Parliament, and the Coronavirus Command Council, when you get to proposals to recover the economy, is to consult with the Economists who will be more experienced than me, with regard to your available resources, this submission involves the South African Tourism and Hospitality Industry, and the Informal Traders, in particular the Taverns and Shebeen Industry.

South Africa has the Product, the beauty, the climate, the struggle history, the culture, the people, accommodation establishments, restaurants, entertainment venus, to supplement the product.

South Africa has a long track record of International Customers, who have purchased our product over many years, and we should take advantage of one of the Coronavirus new world movements, black livelihoods’ matter, to stimulate this industry.

Our Tourism and Hospitality plus Informal Tavern and Shebeen sector, as experienced, skilled Labour, waiting for you to press the button, no technological introduction, will be as easy, and as successful, all you need is to press on button.       

South Africa’s National Airliner, SAA has been thrown a life-line by the State, when I first heard the news, I celebrated, I believed that the plan was to get into the International Business and Tourism sector, one step ahead of the opposition.

My tourism business, visits to Soweto, Alexandra, and Native Villages, was brought to a halt, before lockdown, when the alcohol ban was lifted, I could resume my community activist involvement, preparing for the return of the International Visitors.

Our BRICS partners, Brazil, Russia, India, and China, are not trapped in the Europe and USA Scientific Model, and we should take the opportunity to set South Africa, as a leader in the new world after Coronavirus, while the world is forced to support the BLM protests, South Africa should show the world that Black Livelihoods’ Matter. 


President Cyril Ramaphosa, we have heard your repeated claim, that your Command Council has followed the Scientists, I see flaws in the model that our Country is following, flaws that have removed the majority of the population, from the opportunity to scrounge a  living, in what was a very difficult economy to survive in pre-Coronavirus, and our citizens  deserve answers.     

During the next eight days, I will publish Addendum to this letter, challenging the scientific advise that your Command Council is following, advise that is crippling the tourism and hospitality industry, advise  that is condemning our black population, historically oppressed and suppressed, into the informal economy for survival. The Coronavirus Management model that we are following, is driven by a fear factor, aimed to protect the elderly in the wealthy countries on the world, this model gives no consideration to our black population’s livelihood, already condemned through generations of suffering.

In terms of Section 32(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act 108 of 1996, this letter and the following addendum, will seek the information that will answer to the information/advice, information that will either confirm that your scientific model has substance, or, encourage you to restore our human rights, with compensation.

If any human rights abuses have taken place, that can be linked to a scientific model implemented to a population, where there is no scientific proof, that the targeted lives that the model wished to save, warranted the forced removal of the majority of our population, from their ability to provide food for the family, we need to recover the damages.      

I submit that the WHO and the World Medical Industry, through the Esidimeni incompetence and corruption, were very aware of the lack of facilities, the lack of competence, the practice of Corruption that we have spoken about for years, and where we still have no successful track record, that we can use State Funds in the interest of the people, the actions defined by the Scientific Model, only focusses on the ‘killing of the virus’ so that it could not return to Europe, and that South Africa, will achieve this for the European Scientific Model, while knowing the costs and risks to the majority of the population, those Black Livelihoods’ that do not matter.

President Ramaphosa, on May 09, 2020, the PM of Pakistan removed lockdown because the informal traders were no longer able to feed their families, one of the addendum that follows, will include this amazing foresight and achievement, South Africa’s Black Livelihoods’ Matter concerns, requires you to remove the lockdown today, don’t prejudice our citizens till a Court Action rules, that your countries Black Livelihoods’ do Matter.


Cedric de la Harpe           

Proof of attempted delivery
Proof of attempted delivery

August 02, 2020