South Africa should have followed the PM of Pakistan and removed Lockdown on May 09. 2020. BLM 02

South Africa should have followed the PM of Pakistan and removed Lockdown on May 09. 2020.

President Ramaphosa, on May 09, 2020, the PM of Pakistan removed lockdown because the informal traders were no longer able to feed their families,  this was amazing foresight and date, a great achievement, South Africa’s Black Livelihoods’ Matter concerns, requires you to remove the lockdown today, don’t prejudice our citizens till a Court Action rules, that your countries Black Livelihoods’ do Matter.   Please;


FINDINGS Addendum 02

1:  Pakistan Prime Minister, understands that the majority of his population, survive on the informal economy, where the population, as families, rely on the spin off of the formal economy moving past them, and that no Government in the world, has been able to manage, without the informal economic sector; 

Pakistan starts with the ‘world lockdown model’, and on May 09, 2020, the red line on the graph that follows, the PM removes all lockdown, and by May 18, the Court has negated all the restrictive legislation, the daily new cases follow the Sweden trend, then moves away.

Pakistan Coronavirus movement, when not locked down.
Pakistan Coronavirus movement, when not locked down.       

Before I comment, I show the impact of the PM’s decision to remove the lockdown, the graph below shows that the death rate, like in Sweden, follows the movement of the virus daily cases;

We look at Sweden, who did not lockdown in BLM03

Pakistan daily Deaths movement after removing lockdown.
Pakistan daily Deaths movement after removing lockdown.   

This first year scientist does not wish to get into the impact of the positive mindset, but asks the question of the experts, “Is it possible that, removing the lockdown, and allowing the poverty groups the opportunity to scrounge food, brought a small factor of an ability to fight the virus, as it past through the community.

How did South Africa, under strict lockdown, no cigarettes to help the immune system, and no alcohol to reduce the impact on the medical system, due to the South African population’s drunken behaviour, compare with the Pakistani curve?

Very simply, the Scientists who prescribed the Cure Model for the South African virus has failed our poverty population.

Pakistan Covid Deaths / 100000 population
Pakistan Covid Deaths / 100000 population

On May 08, 2020, I blogged on the Pakistani changes, and asked our President to follow, and I quote from the News Article:

The pandemic hit Pakistan in late February. Since then, officials have recorded more than 24,000 confirmed cases and nearly 600 deaths.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday chaired a meeting of top government officials where the decision was taken to relax restrictions on public and industrial activities.

“We know our curve of infections and deaths (from COVID-19) is gradually rising. But the rate of increase is relatively very low in Pakistan,” Khan said in his post-meeting nationally televised remarks.

In defending the decision, Khan said it is not possible for anyone to predict when and if Pakistan will experience a peak like that of Europe and other worst-hit areas.

“Why are we going ahead to ease the lockdown? Because people in our country, particularly daily wagers, small shopkeepers, taxi drivers, laborers, white-collar families are all facing an extremely difficult situation to feed their families,” Khan said.

I celebrated Khan as a cricketer, today I celebrate him as a leader of people.

President Ramaphosa, the PM of Pakistan made a decision to remove the lockdown, in the interests of the majority of the population who are informal traders, this model I submit, you should have followed.

I believe that the Pakistan Model should have been followed when lockdown was removed, if the model had any proven scientific reason not to follow, in terms of Section 32(1) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa Act 108 of 1996, I request details of why you have followed the ‘prescribed scientific model’?

President Ramaphosa, on behalf of all the poverty black people, that I normally have contact with, those who I am currently not allowed to visit, I request you to remove the lockdown totally, failure which, the prejudice and damage that our poverty black population have suffered, we will link you personally to those who have prescribed the ‘medical treatment’, when we ask them to answer to the damages suffered.

This Addendum BLM02 will be followed with BLM03 in due course.

Cedric de la Harpe 

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