Aborigines Short Stories about the Manuscript

Aborigines Short Stories About the Manuscript:

Aborigines Short Stories is Responsible Travel
Aborigines Short Stories is Responsible Travel

For years I have been an activist against systemic racism, whether the Government Administration, the Tourism Industry, the Sporting Bodies, they all ignore the fact that I allege systemic racism, after all, the ANC had freed the Black, the ANC are the State ruling party, and therefore, systemic racism is not possible.

I have been locked down, against my best wishes, I have been writing non-stop, the manuscript has moved into the world unified by fear and the systemic racism protests, this unity opened my eyes to the fact that no country, can honestly talk a race issue internally, we need to look at our colonised countries heritage, my South African brothers and sisters, will only be able to see our systemic racism heritage, when the picture painted, includes the USA – Slaves, American Indians, Australian Aboriginal People, the Zimbabwe Ndebele, the South African Mfengu.

The prime evil of the world is Economic Segregation, in 1681 ‘white privilege’ and ‘black inferiority’ is cultivated, this product is so powerful, that selected blacks, when moved into the white peer-group, find great difficulty to see anything wrong with the social and economic stratification, thanks to our sporting elite, now driving the BLM protest, this manuscript will challenge many, more importantly, this manuscript will anger many, if we do not feel the challenge and experience the anger, while reading the Aborigines Short Stories, this New Novel World, will remain a very fragile world.


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