Visit Soweto from Sandton for just R 90

Visit Soweto from Sandton for just R 90 per person, departing Gautrain Sandton:

Visit Soweto, at the Real Price of R 30 per person, departing Melville area:

Yes it is possible to do day trips to Soweto, from Sandton, for just R 90, from Melville, for just R 30.

Johannesburg and Soweto’s new safe integrated transport system makes this budget price day trip  possible.

Your cost of Gautrain Travel from Sandton to Park Station is approx R 30, your cost of travel from Park Station to Soweto, using the Rea Vaya, is approx R 15.  From Sandton, return R 90, from Melville, return R 30.

See the Gautrain and Rea Vaya links for your introduction to cheap integrated travel in Johannesburg and Soweto.


The Gautrain is system is safe, you can buy a one way ticket, Sandton to Park Station, approx R 30, or, consider buying a Gold Card, and load money on the Card, allowing you to use the Gautrain Bus system, to access sites in Johannesburg.

When arriving from Sandton, as you leave the Turnstile, turn sharp right, and move towards the escalator and stairs, at the top of the escalator, before the exit, turn sharp right, and right again, and leave the station at the exit, towards the Gautrain Busses, head slightly left towards the traffic lights, at the traffic light, you enter the Rea Vaya bus station.

Rea Vaya allows the commuter to buy a one-way ticket, approx R 15, from the Rea Vaya bus stations, for those who wish to board a bus, off the ‘truck routes’, you would need to buy a Smart Card to travel (R25), these cards are often only bought at the Rissik Street / Park Station bus station.

If arriving from the Gautrain link, you may consider buying the card, loading one cash onto it, which will allow you to use the card for extra trips, on the sub-routes that operate in Soweto.

Board the T3 bus, travelling from the South to North, from the CBD, travelling from left to right, towards the entry to the Rea Vaya station, this route passes through the Melville area, if boarding in Park Station.

You are heading for the Boom Town bus station.

Taste of Africa, dedicated to open the Real Soweto in the interest of the local community, will assist you to achieve this Real Price. 

For an additional R 300 per person, Taste of Africa will meet you at the Orlando Stadium Rea Vaya bus station and give you the Magic of Soweto experience that will become the highlight of your visit to South Africa, bopping essential. 

Visit Soweto from Sandton for just R 90

What experience will you have for the R 30 to R 90 per person?

You arrive in Soweto on the Rea Vaya Bus, alighting at the Boom Town bus station.


Option 1:

From the Boom Town Station, you can catch the F4 Rea Vaya bus, that will safely take you to Vilikazi Street.

Option 2:

Leave the Boom Town Station, cross to the side-walk towards the Rail line, and walk in the direction that your bus travelled. Continue straight, keeping the Rea Vaya bus on station on your left.




At the T-Junction, turn right, and cross the railway bridge,


cross the Klipspruit Road, and continue into the Vilikazi Street tourist centre.



Left into Vilikazi Street, at the next corner, left, you will find Bishop Desmond Tutu’s home, as you continue up Vilikazi Street, the Mandela Museum is on the next corner, right,


and for the Hector Pieterson Museum, you continue up Vilikazi Street, where you find the site where Hector Pieterson was standing when shot. Turn right and the museum is 500m ahead.

Day trips to Soweto, Hector Pieterson Museum
Day trips to Soweto, Hector Pieterson Museum

When you have had the experience, at a Real Price, you retrace your steps to the Rea Vaya bus station.

Enjoy Soweto at the lowest price possible.

Cedric & Nettie de la Harpe.

THE MAGIC OF SOWETO, for an additional R 300 per person: 

A Soweto Experience that will be your highlight of your visit to South Africa, @ R 300 per person, excluding Museum Fees, and  lunch /local transport in Soweto, for you and your guide, plus your transfer costs as detailed above. 


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