No Zoo-Like Tours

 Taste Africa’s No Zoo-Like Tours

No Zoo-Like tours,  has always been our principle, we offer Taste of Africa’s  No Zoo-Like Tours, from Soweto, Alexandra, Johannesburg, through to the Kruger National Park, and other tourist sites.

No Zoo-Like Tours

Taste Africa’s No Zoo-Like Tours, whether we are visiting in Johannesburg, Soweto, or though to Kruger National Park, and any Indigenous Community, in parts of South Africa.

For ten years Taste of Africa has taken Responsible travel to new levels in South Africa, from Johannesburg Day Trips to Kruger Safari, through their personal interaction, and walking tours in the Townships, the main focus for Johannesburg Day Trips.

No Zoo-Like Tours from Johannesburg Day Trip to Kruger Safari
No Zoo-Like Tours from Johannesburg Day Trip to Kruger Safari

As children of the Melville area, Nettie and Cedric de la Harpe highly recommend that you base your-self in Melville for the duration of your visit to Johannesburg. Don’t believe anyone who says that Johannesburg should only be an overnight stop, we will assist with your planning and accommodation needs, Melville, Soweto and Alexandra.


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An example of how we developed to the stage, where we can proudly say, we do No Zoo-Like Tours.

Soweto tour, the magic Taste of Africa
Soweto tour, the magic Taste of Africa

Soweto tour is where it all started for Nettie and I, our first visit to Soweto in August 2004, from bicycle tours, to horse-cart tours, the traditional half-day visit, and then, eighteen months into our operation, we realised that the magic of Soweto was the energy of Africa and our people.

Today, we will not do the standard drive-by tour, we only offer a full-day visit, happier the longer that we can keep you in Soweto.


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Our success in Soweto, took us into the Kruger Safari operation, and in 2005, we established home-stay accommodation links in Villages outside the Kruger Park. The magic experienced by sleeping in the homes of the local families, led us to introducing this option is Soweto. 24 Hours in Soweto is popular for visitors for the first of last nights in Johannesburg. This is no Zoo-Like Tours.

Our rate allows the visitor to experience Soweto, accommodation and transfers, at budget prices.


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No Zoo-Like Tours from Alex dayTrip to Kruger Safari gets you close to our people.
No Zoo-Like Tours from Alex day Trip to Kruger Safari gets you close to our people.

Taste Africa’s No Zoo-Like Tours in Alex, with us, it is not impossible.

For the past five years we have extended our operations into Alexandra Township, walking the streets, and extending these walks into areas where few have ventured before

We are welcome in the mens hostel, and the hostel eating area has become our favourite eating area.


The Rea Vaya bus route links Melville to the City, Rosebank and Sandton with the assistance of the Gautrain, and then, Taste of Africa will guide and support you using the local taxi transport.

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