Intercultural Exchanges

Intercultural Exchanges

Following our 18 day intercultural exchanges with Students from the Susquehanna University, Nettie and I, embark on changing our visits, over the paste eleven years, towards an opportunity, driven by the intercultural exchange interaction and immersion.

We have offered Township and Rural Village experiences since 2005, and have never stopped learning, this visit has taken us to a new level of our understanding on how to maximise the intercultural exchange.

#InterculturalExchange, the 18 days completed on June 6, post links:

Day 1: May 20, 2016      Day 2: May 21, 2016    Day 3: May 22, 2016 Day 4: May 23, 2016    Day 5 :  May 24, 2016    Day 6 :  May 25, 2016 Day 7: May 26, 2016    Day 8: May 27, 2016     Day 9:  May 28, 2016  Day 10&11; May 29&30;   Day 12;  May 31;

Day 13,June 01, 2016 coming soon

Soweto Intercultural Exchange:
Intercultural exchange with Porto Lollan in the Mandela Hideout.
Intercultural exchange with Porto Lollan in the Mandela Hideout.

This is our prime centre of intercultural exchange;

The tourist route is on our agenda, but our focus is getting you as close to having interaction with the people as possible, giving you the opportunity to have a cultural exchange.

Alexandra Township, Intercultural Exchange;

Intercultural exchanges, in an Alex shebeen
Intercultural exchanges, in an Alex shebeen
Intercultural exchanges, in an Alex shebeen
Intercultural exchanges, in an Alex shebeen

You will see very little of the tourist route on the Alexandra visit, a peak at where Mandela had lived, and across the road, a very aggressive marketing from a iKasi Gymnasium, claiming to have been the gymnasium where Nelson Mandela trained. The Gym is worth a visit, even though you will be met with aggressive marketing of art work, produced by the owner of the gym.

Intercultural Exchange Hints,

for achieving greater interaction, are detailed on the attached link;

(Note: Link under construction)

Intercultural Exchange through immersion;

These options require a minimum of 4 pax, should your require the transfer option, but, Taste of Africa will manage an option to suit your requirements, should you be doing a self-drive visit to South Africa:

We offer a range of Intercultural Exchange through immersion options, starting with the Susquehanna University second visit that ended yesterday, June 6, 2016, we will present a few options that you could consider;

1; SUSQUEHANNA UNIVERSITY, Creative writing student group;

We have proudly hosted this Creative Writing group for the second time, we were fairly low-key after the first visit, the second visit was required to allow us to claim success, and we confidently await, not only Susquehanna University, but other University in the USA, and elsewhere to return;

Susquehanna University, second visit;

17 nights, and 18 days, of which, 8 of those nights were spent in Township or Village accommodation;

Follow the daily posts, enjoy, as we move through the Intercultural Exchange;

This page will continue to grow as we link our other options available;

Cedric and Nettie de la Harpe

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