Homestay Africa

Homestay Africa

Homestay Africa, Taste of Africa celebrates ten years of successful contribution to homestay;

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Homestay Africa, living at home with a local family, is possible, in most parts of where you would like to travel, to experience, the magic of Africa.

Sorry, it is possible to enjoy this with the elite, in the suburbs, but not as easily achieved.

Taste of Africa, has provided shack accommodation in Soweto from late 2004, and Homestay would be no different.

Nettie and I embarked on this proves on December 26, 2005, starting in the Matiyani Village, where we have our home today,

Homestay Africa; Matiyani, Cedric & Netties new home,
Homestay Africa,Matiyani, Cedric & Netties new home,

and keeping close to the Kruger National Park, we ended up in St Lucia, where we met Marrah.

On February 21, 2006, a Swiss couple, spent three nights with us in our shack, having not booked their next holiday stop, I was able to sell the Zulu Village, homestay opportunity with Marrah.

They departed on the City to City bus, and Marrah arranged to have them collected in Richards Bay.

Homestay Africa:

Today, we celebrate ten years of Homestay Africa, without needing to hide behind the high security fences, we have never had any security issue.  

Homestay Africs, our first guests that we hosted in a KZN Village, 24 February 2006
Homestay Africa, our first guests that we hosted in a KZN Village, 24 February 2006 


Your most important part of the visit is the introduction.

In African Culture introductions include where you are from, who your parents are, your children and all other relevant aspects.

Often the lengthy introduction builds the relationship through common interests or family structures.

Homestay Africa, mainly double beds
Homestay Africa, mainly double beds
And in the more rural villages, single foam mattresses.


Kitchens can be modern;

24 hours in Soweto, a typical kitchen
24 hours in Soweto, a typical kitchen

Or, in the more rural villages, ‘cooking down’ by the fire:

Homestay Africa, cooking down in many rural villages
Homestay Africa, cooking down in many rural villages

Most important NOTICE:

Soweto generally has pretty good facilities, however, they will be shared by you and the family.

In the Villages the accommodation is more traditional.

You room may be in the house, or one of the outside rooms. The toilet / bathroom facility may be inside or outside. 

In the Village your toilet will more than likely be the ‘pit toilet’;

Homestay Africa, the pit-toilet
Homestay Africa, the pit-toilet

Talk to the hosts about how you access them.

The rooms all have double beds, and the hostess is paid R 200 for the room for the night. If you do not wish to share the double bed, we will provide the room as a single, at an additional R 100. 

Washing / bathing in Soweto takes place may in the traditional bath, or, in other areas by using the plastic bath / dish. 

See where the water comes from and whether you can assist in collecting the water.

We make every effort to accommodate you on a rotational basis, however, if you wish to ensure that you do get one of the more comfortable homes, please let us know, at and additional R 100 per person, which will go into a community kitty for all the mothers, we will allow you the choice for a ‘better’ room.

Where we are hosting groups, the group leader must distribute the group according to their understanding of the group, any special requirements, let us know in advance. Should you be in the position to provide us with the names of those who wish to share, 2 pax and 4 pax, we will allocate hostess in advance, reducing your settling time drastically.

Nettie and I have great fun when bathing in the Village
Nettie and I have great fun when bathing in the Village MEALS:


Our arrangement is that the host cooks their normal planned meal and just adds to the pot to cater for you.

If you have any diet restrictions please tell the hostess.

The family often does not have the same daily clock that you have, so if hungry at night, do not be afraid to talk, and please make sure they know what time you want your breakfast, coffee or bath.

For groups we will arrange a meal at a local shebeen, or one of the mothers who can cater, with music and magic.

In order to give the visitor the magic vibe, the night includes the provision for the hostesses to join you for the meal. 

Any refreshments that the hostesses may have access to, is not included. 

Beer is freely available at community ‘shebeens’, and should the group wish Taste of Africa to source wine for the group, please order in advance.

Homestay Africa, possible breakfast
Homestay Africa, possible breakfast


Homestay Africa, the magic of Africa

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