White Capitalist Economy reflection on South Africa history

White Capitalist Economy reflection on South Africa history, the origins of how the White Wealth, extracted from the black people’s land, is protected,

White Capitalist Economy

“Sirs, our New Democracy supports the defence in that it would like us to believe that there is no such thing as economic segregation. Our New Democracy would like us to believe that there is no such thing as a white economy, no such thing as a black economy, ‘there is only one economy’, we are all equal, we are all one.”

“There was a time when we were one economy, everyone was allowed to participate, but then the whites decided that they had the intelligence, the brains, the capitalist superiority, to own the economy, to protect our economy, and they defined the white economy.”

“We quote from ‘Capital & Labour in South Africa’ – By Du Toit;”

The Council of SABRA noted with concern the large measure of the integration of natives into the white economy, and is convinced that if this situation is allowed to continue, and develop further, it must necessarily have disastrous consequences for the whites, as well as the natives.

The council therefore pleads for the consistent application of the policy of separate development as the only satisfactory measure.

“The large measure of the integration of natives into the white economy, will cause disastrous consequences, this perception remains with us in our New Democracy, establishing controls to ensure that the uncontrolled influxes are controlled, to abide with our norms and standards.”

“The 1913 Native Land Act formalised the two economies, the capitalist economy requires access to ownership of land; the lack thereof results in a socialist economy.”

“Sirs, there was a time in our country when, although we were completely different, through very different eyes, we competed with one another for space, for the economy, a time when there was only one economy, a time where the market was restricted to the export market.”

“Minerals were always part of the world economy, agricultural needs always existed. Shooting animals for profit always existed, whether it was Rhino, Hippo, Elephant, they were hunted. Our indigenous black clans participated in this economy, even if we do not necessarily give them credit for participating.”

“Often social media will throw the perception that black chiefs are guilty of having sold their people into the slave market. Why should the huge profits have been restricted to the whites? The white slave trade identified the potential of buying from some black Chiefs, an asset that they owned through their culture. A debate that is maybe not important here is whether the white slave traders gave the Chiefs a false impression of how these slaves were going to be used. It was an evil business that brought great wealth to the slave traders, and represented great wealth to those who owned the slaves; this wealth would encourage the sale of slaves by some Chiefs.”

“However, these ‘slaves’ sold by the Chiefs, were, in terms of the African culture, ‘dogs of war’, prisoners taken in conflict. Baba Credo Mutwa tells that these ‘dogs of war’ as an asset to a Chief, could have been transferred, culturally, but always on the understanding that they would be returned to their original home when the dispute was settled.”

“This did not happen in the case of slaves that left our African shores.”


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