Soweto Tour

SOWETO TOUR by Taste of Africa,
The No Zoo-Like Tour,  or rather a guided visit.

Soweto Tour by Taste of Africa, we offer a no zoo-like tour, we would rather have our guide disappoint you, through what you may believe is their lack of knowledge, regarding what you may have read on the internet, than restrict his, or her, expression, of how they see South Africa and our history, while allowing others in the community to interact with you.

This blog is aimed at giving the visitor an opportunity to understand the areas that we will cover during the visit, allowing less wasted time, by needing to listen to the information while experiencing the magic.

Soweto Tour
Soweto Tour

Following our successful introduction to the Soweto Walking Tour, from today, we only offer the one option, but rest assured, for those who still require the local taxi transport to assist, your guide will be very aware of your needs, and ensure you are comfortable.

Please follow this link to the Soweto Walking Tour:

Cedric and Nettie de la Harpe

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