Soweto self-guided visit a Passport to Soweto.

Soweto self-guided visit a Passport to Soweto, is part of Cedric & Nettie’s commitment to Radical Economic Transformation that they have been involved with since 2004.

This guide-book, allows the local and international visitor to safely visit Soweto, Orlando East and Orlando West, lunch at the Nancefield Hostel for the slightly more adventurist, for between R 120 and R 240 per person, for the full day.

Soweto self-guided visit a Passport to Soweto
Soweto self-guided visit a Passport to Soweto

The guide-book prepares you with local knowledge that you would require, allowing you to make the decisions on how you will spend the day, and the freedom, to move through the day, at your leisure.

The Passport to Soweto, is your opportunity to economically empower, the previously disadvantaged community, leaving a green footprint behind.

Visitors who have purchased the Passport to Soweto, by quoting your reference number in an email to, will receive advice and assistance from Cedric as you plan your day.

Purchase your pdf ebook Passport to Soweto for R 50

For our visitors who would prefer our guiding services:

Soweto tour / visit;

24 Hours in Soweto, (also available for Passport Holder)

Visit Soweto with Cedric de la Harpe.


Looking forward  your visit.

Cedric & Nettie, and Passport to Soweto heritage site participant partners.


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