#PitToilet Death exposes Apartheid thinking

#PitToilet Death exposes Apartheid thinking.

Our radio is on Radio 702 all day, I listen, I smile, I use this station, their presenters and their listeners / callers, as a barometer to measure the level of Apartheid, that still exists in our country.

For the past eight years, this media community, have attacked President Jacob Zuma, and the ANC, 700 corruption charges, rape, State Capture, you name it.

I have a little respect for President Jacob Zuma,he is the only Black leader who has blamed Apartheid for the problems we face today.

The 702 radio community, would criticise the President for blaming Apartheid, they would loudly acclaim that Apartheid is dead and buried.

Kaalvoet de la Harpe, on a daily basis will tell his international tourists that Apartheid is still alive and well, that he does not respect the Apartheid Museum as Apartheid is not dead, the day that he finds white people visiting the communities in the Rural Villages and Townships, Kaalvoet would celebrate the end of Apartheid.

Back to the Pit Toilet death, and my sympathies to the family, the school principal, the school teachers, and the school community.

702 Apartheid and Racist comments that are heard, are something like the following one;

The Government should be ashamed, it is because it is a black child, that they only value the child’s life at R 450 000,00.  

The Presenter accepts this, allowing the 702 community to escalate their anti-government, black on black abuse, leaving the community to believe that, had this child been white, and had the government been white, the parents would have been paid R 2 000 000,00.

Why does Kaalvoet link the comments heard on Radio 702, to ’Pit Toilet Death exposes Apartheid thinking’?

The comments never refer to the fact that 80% of all blacks living in rural village communities, use Pit Toilets, they have no option.

#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking
#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking
#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking
#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking


Most of the black people living in the informal squatter communities, use the ‘Plastic Toilet” system, and when the bowl is full, a child would drown if a child fell into the bowl.

#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking
#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking

The elders, the parents, the families, need to protect their children from Pit Toilet Deaths, and Plastic Toilet Deaths, on a daily basis.

How do they achieve this?

Many keep the door locked, forcing the children to use the ground, many young children are skilled at protecting themselves.

#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking
#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking

When it gets to the school environment, the Principal and Teachers, may have 300 children, most, ‘skilled’ at keeping themselves safe in the face of the Pit Toilet, and an accident can happen.

The Radio 702 community, show no empathy for the Principal, the Teachers, or the community, facing issues that are directly linked to our mutual heritage.

The Radio 702 community, call for the Government to pay the additional R 1 550 000,00 to compensate the family fully, but have we heard of caller, one Presenter, even mention the millions of children, that need to survive the Pit Toilet Death, every day.

To the White South Africans, and elite Blacks, Colonisation and Apartheid caused the Pit Toilet Death problem, if it was not for the Coloniser, our Blacks would be the wealth of South Africa today, the Townships would not exist today, Black Poverty would not exists, and our Rural Villages would have developed off the elite and middle class blacks, if we had allowed it.

Please do not attack, unless you give some Enlightened Thinking to the problem.

Kaalvoet de la Harpe

#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking
#PitToilet exposes Apartheid Thinking
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