Johannesburg Gautrain and Rea Vaya

Johannesburg   Gautrain and Rea Vaya

Taste of Africa, supports the Johannesburg  Gautrain and Rea Vaya systems, as it will give our guests the option of the cheaper self-transfer to Soweto or Alexandra, and possibly, for the adventures, a self-guide visit.

The public transport system, is promoted by this site, linked to the Johannesburg Gautrain and Rea Vaya bus integrated system, and for those interested, the Local Taxi option:

If you need our assistance in areas not covered in this Public Transport page, or the local taxi option, feel free to contact us.

Johannesburg  Public Transport Gautrain and Rea Vaya, getting around Johannesburg and into Soweto on budget:

South Africa has the reputation of having a lack of Public Transport, the majority of the South African public do however, get to every corner of South Africa using public transport:

As Taste of Africa promotes the UNSEEN TOURS, Johannesburg, Hillbrow and Alexandra, plus home-stay’s in Villages Outside the Kruger Park gates, Punda Maria, Orpen, and Numbi, we provide these guidelines for those visitors who would like to participate.

We provide guiding services where our guides will meet the visitor at the various Gautrain Stations and as the Reya Veya bus service extends their operations, we will do the same.

Johannesburg Gautrain and Rea Vaya

Since the 2010 SWC, South Africa has developed a safe integrated transport system, and to support your preparations, we provide a look at what to expect.

The Johannesburg Gautrain and Rea Vaya  systems are linked to the Red Bus link at PARK STATION: 

Gautrain Sandton, Rosebank & Centurian stations are well used and as Park Station is the centre of Johannesburg Transport Node, it may have the reputation of being challenged.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the link established between the Park Station, the Red Bus, and the Rea Vaya link to Soweto and other areas:

Your view as you exit the Gautrain Park Station;  100 m up ahead of the Red Bus is the Rea Vaya :  Rea Vaya Park Station on Rissik Street:

You may also enter or exit the Gautrain Park Station, by using the entrance, off the Park Station, (Rail) and using the underground link, sort of between the Red Bus and the Rea Vaya station.

If arriving on Gautrain, from Pretoria, Sandton, Rosebank, as you leave the turnstile, turn sharp right, proceed in the seam direction, and use the escalator up front, at the top of the escalator, turn sharp right, plus a little more, exit the door, walk out hang left to the traffic light, and the Rea Vaya bus station is ahead.

Johannesburg Public Transport, Cheap Transport Option gives you the Gautrain, Park Station and Rea Veya node.
Johannesburg Public Transport Gautrain and Rea Vaya node with, Park Station.

Taste of Africa, does not support the Red Bus concept, as it does not compliment the ‘not Zoo-Like’ principle that drives us, but, we do support the visitor, who prefers the tourist type experience. 

Johannesburg Public Transport Gautrain and Rea Vaya
Johannesburg Public Transport Gautrain and Rea Vaya

For the purposes of this topic, we request that you obtain details and info from the relevant sites.

 Gautrain:                          Rea Vaya:                

This picture is aimed to giving you the comfort of knowing what to expected when you reach the main node of the integrated transport link.

If arriving at Johannesburg’s Park station on the Gautrain, using the main entrance / exit, the photo has been taken from the exit of the Station. Directly opposite is the RED BUS, across the road is the Rail Station, and the Red arrow points to the Rea Vaya, T3 bus terminal:

This integrated transport system allows for a cheap Soweto visit, and links Melville, Rosebank, and Sandton.

Use the Gautrain and T3 Rea Vaya to enjoy the magic of Johannesburg and Soweto at affordable prices.

Taste of Africa promotes Responsible Travel, and Empowerment through tourism, for the little extra for your 3 day visit to JohannesburgAlexandra & Soweto, please contact us.




Most accommodation establishments in Melvile are in walking distance to the Rea Vaya T3 trunk route that will give you access to Soweto on the one side, Boom Town station, on the Thokoza Park destination route, or the Park Station integrated transport node.

Johannesburg Transport Gautrain and Rea Vaya from Melville.
Johannesburg Transport Gautrain and Rea Vaya from Melville.

You could visit Soweto for a R 30 per person, transfer from Melville and enjoy most of what other tourists experience, Vilikazi Street, Mandela Museum, Desmond Tutu’s home. and the Hector Pieterson Museum.

A Taste of Africa guide will give you the magic of corners of Soweto that you won’t necessary get to alone, for R 300 per person, meeting you at one of the Rea Vaya bus stations, by prior arrangement.

On the other side, the Johannesburg destinations have been opened through the access to the Park Station node, destination Library Gardens, where you will be able to visit all the Johannesburg must do tourist sites.

For the more adventuress, our Johannesburg, visit that takes you through Hillbrow and Yeoville is a must.

The use of Melville’s Tuc-Tuc to access the Rea Vaya bus terminal, at +/- R 15 per person per trip, is an option that you should consider as it will allow you to expend your energy on the magic that you will experience in Johannesburg and Soweto.

 Please contact Cedric for any advice needed.

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