#Initiation must stay and be respected

#Initiation must stay and be respected, this call, supported by the video to the right, is a call to those Western Influenced people, who call for #InitiationMustFall.

INITIATION, essential, any call for #InitiationMustFall is condemned. 

African culture for cultivation of child, from child to adult, part of the Initiation process, the preparation part, the essential part, and Initiation must never fall, it must stay and be respected.

As a white exposed to the initiation process, or rather, the many successes of black adults who have been through the initiation process, I have been to advocate that young whites should be processed through the African culture of ‘child to adult’ development.

A recent call for #InitiationMustFall, caused me to cringe, this call is typical of the Western Culture attack on African Culture and that Culture is archaic, cruel, abusive, and should be changed.

All these calls exclude the all embracing aspects, of part of the condemned culture.

For years I have listened to my black friends describe the process that the entire extended family, participate in, as the cultivate a child, from very young, to adulthood.

Nettie and I are exposed to many rural communities, and we are very aware of the numerous children that are involved in daily chores, and yet, there a numerous children that do not participate.

Then, during a visit to our Zulu Village in 2016, while casually chatting to an elder, we are attracted to a young child, four or five years-old, chasing the goats around the yard.

My first reaction is to suggest to the elder that he should stop him, he continues watching him, and as we relax, we become aware of a slightly older brother, maybe eight years-old, watching, seemingly intent on getting involved in the mischief.

Only when the elder child moves into a position and changes direction of the goats, do we become aware that they are herding the goats.

I use my cell phone to take a few pictures, and watch how the eight year-old allows the four year-old to chase the goats on his own, only getting involved when his assistance was needed.

Then, to our surprise, as the goats are moving into the goat-pen, the eight year-old stands far back, the four year-old continues moving them slowly forward, and then, an older brother, not seen before, moves closer to assist the child, and when complete, he helps to close the gate of the goat-pen.

Not sure what was said between them, but the child walks proudly, a slight smile when he passes us.

These children, even if they are not necessarily scheduled to go to the mountain, would graduate, if ever the decision was made to send them to the mountain.

Any call for #InitiationMustFall, will negatively impact on the traditional cultivation of our children.

Cedric de la Harpe

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