Gold Mining Industry we reflect on Labour abuses

Gold Mining Industry we reflect on Labour abuses, and what Kaalvoet considers as motivation to manipulate governments to legislate, and to control the ‘uncivilised’ African masses.


“Members of the Jury, we have heard that twenty-five percent of our black population farmed in 1913, productive, sustainable. The defence says that is crazy.”

“Today we tell you the mining industry used fifty-four percent foreign nationals in their total labour force, just to extract the greatest profits from our minerals. The defence will say that is crazy.”

“During the period from 1909, the new Union of South Africa structures, decide to dispense with the Chinese indentured labourers. To avoid any conflict in the labour market, the mining industry and the government, appoint a government labour recruitment agency, the GNLB as the South African Government Native Labour Broker, for all South African labourers to the mine. By the end of 1910 the total number of Cape workers on the gold mines was approaching one hundred thousand, and the operations of the GNLB had expanded into the heart of the Transkei administration, establishing ten offices in the largest towns of the Transkei after 1908.”

“Historically, through till today, this is the local labour supply, established around the emancipation of the Mfengu.

“They used the Mozambican ‘slave labour’ supply as the vehicle to suppress cost of labour from other areas, bringing Lesotho, a British Protectorate into the loop. Lesotho was a highly productive farming community, till their labour controllers changed them into a cheap labour supply. By 1903, the mining industry employed forty-five thousand labourers, and only fifteen thousand from the Eastern Cape, the rest from Mozambique.

South Africa percentage labour of the total labour force:  33,33%

By 1910, the labour force had reached one hundred and eighty-thousand, of which South Africa provided only forty-thousand, mainly from the Transkei.”

South Africa percentage labour of the total labour force:  22,22%

Gold Mining Industry we reflect on Labour abuses

Kaalvoet Comment:

Until 1902, the Gold Mining Industry used predominantly labour supplied from Mozambique.

I refer you to an earlier post on the Labour Supply, Part 1, please follow into Part 2&3, where we discuss the Coloniser, through the influence of the Gold Mining Industry, to keep wages suppressed.

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