Animal before human lets think human before animal

Animal before human lets think human before animal, today the Save the Rhino campaigns, is supported by every person, let us give some of our Save the Rhino empathy, to the blacks, dispossessed on the land, and to other groups today, who are suffering from the crime in our country.

Consider the Verdict:

“Sirs, as we look at Sol Plaatje’s comments in his submission to the Crown, he comments on the conservation of wild animals, something so close to all our hearts, and as ardent supporter of our National Parks, I ask myself how we could have set aside 2,292,167 morgen for the Kruger National Park, and not care whether the black populations’ livestock starved, and in turn, whether we intended taking the conservation of the black development out of the spectrum of the ‘white world’?

“In 1913 the black population of 4,000,000 souls, were only allocated eight times the land that the Kruger National Park was allocated since 1926. Since then, we have extended the Nature Reserve areas. In order to maintain the balance in the Nature Reserves, we have needed to cull animals regularly.”

“Sirs, we have not extended the land available to our black population that in now ten times greater than one hundred years back.”

“Sirs, do we have a secret formula for maintaining the balance between the black population and their available land? Or, have we just relied on the tenacity and survival ability of our black population?”

“Was it natural that their cattle should be subjected to the starvation process, while the grassy tracts of their God-given territories are mainly untenanted and preserved as breeding grounds for venomous snakes and scorpions?”

“Sirs, the Commission forced them to give up their agrarian occupation, by Acts of Parliament, driven by the profitable industries of our country.”

“Today we will hear claims that the land was dispossessed through fair power invasion, and a little negotiation with Chief Shaka, and many of us believe that. Black and white. Yet peace can only be achieved if land dispossession through conflict allows for the conquered to participate fully in the ‘new world’, failing this, the conqueror will need to maintain control over the conquered, in such a manner that they are unable to rise.”

“This leaves us in great conflict, as we all quote historical dispossession, we ask this forum to give consideration to matters that are hidden by this conflict, over whether it was Jan van Riebeek, or another who stole the land. Let us assume that all the land was annexed, stolen, by the various governments, that did not have the majority support, till 1994. But now our land rests in the hands of a majority government. Those who dispossessed the control of the land from the majority, and how they did it, is no longer important.”

“What is important, is how those ‘non democratic’ governments, excluded certain groups from owning land, buying land, renting land, and participating in the white economy?”

“The fair dispossession is not a defence.”

“The economic segregation is the crime that we are presenting.”


Consider the Verdict

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