Elephant walks over Kruger Park fence

Elephant walks over Kruger Park fence

On Monday December 15, the Matiyani Bird Guiding club members take me for a walk in the area between our village and the Kruger National Park and there we discover a rogue elephant walks over the fence.

Within twenty meters of reaching the Kruger fence, we find the tracks of an elephant that has breached the fence.

It had rained in the Village from Friday through to Sunday afternoon late, and the prints observed are in a water-way, so the elephant would have passed during the night, or early morning.

From the photo’s you will see that the elephant hardly skipped a step as he, or she, breached the fence.

The fence is not designed to keep the elephants in, but very cleverly returns to prevent poachers from entering the park.

My first response is to track the elephant, one item on my bucket list, but the guides are afraid, they have had family members killed by an elephant.

These guides are being trained to escort visitors safely though the Village birding zone, so I need to sacrifice my bucket list item, in the interests of their future safety.

What it does do, is wake me up to giving them a lesson on how to respond should they ever come across one of the Big 5, outside the park.



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