Susquehanna University; Inter-cultural visit to South Africa, May 2014, Day 8,


Taste of Africa is hosting 15 Creative Writing students from the Susquehanna University, (plus two of their Directors):

THIS IS SOUTH AFRICA: enjoy KRUGER PARK SAFARI, while part of the South & African Culture,

LIVING IN VILLAGE HOME-STAY, Commencing in the Alexandra Township, and then 3 nights of Immersion in Zulu Culture, in a Village in the Nqutu area.  We then visit St Lucia for 2 nights, as we take some R&R, drive through Swaziland, and spend a night in a Swazi Village outside the Numbi Gate. A drive through the Panorama Route, a night in a Shangaan Village outside the Orpen Gate. A day-drive through the Park to Punda Maria, 3 nights outside the Punda Maria Gate in Cedric & Nettie’s home village, a night outside Pafuri Gate, with a Venda Community, (a night in the Art community in Elim, and then end with a night in Soweto), or 2 nights in Pretoria:

DAY 8:  23rd May 2014       –    visit day 7:

One of the few late breakfasts and departure with JJudas and the community:

We travel via Graskop, and visit the beautiful Panorama Route:



Before enjoying lunch at the must do Harry’s Pancakes, where we enjoy Babotie Pancakes among many other traditional South Africa dishes.

After lunch we pass through Acornhoek, one of the busiest little African Village towns, but our meat for the evening braai, and then for one of our best evenings, the visit to the Shangaan community in the Singangula Village.

Sundowners, scattered among the different families, StudentbeerAn introduction to the Sangoma Meisie, also one of the hosts.


Braai and community interaction;BarriSig


Where we all had a chance to show off our individual skills.

A magic evening was had be all, including the Susquehanna visitors.

Cedric Comment:

This has become one on my special villages to visit.

When we first started building in Matiyani, we bought our Thatch Grass from this Village, and recruited specialist to work in Matiyani on the roof.

Thomas, our Matiyani ‘right-hand-man’ was part of this initial group.

When I first discovered this community, I wished to obtain a piece of ground and establish a base here.

This was interrupted when I was summoned to appear in the Tribal Court over a dispute with one of the contractors we employed.

It was one of the experiences I will never forget, and I am a supporter of theses Tribal Courts.

This year I purchased Thatch Grass from the same contractor who had me summoned in 2010.

This week, we obtained permission, and a piece of ground where we will build our summer home, thus my changed spelling of the Village name.

We have also obtained a young calf , starting our sustainable farming in Singangulu.

And, during the past week I consulted with Sangoma Meisie.