Susquehanna University; Inter-cultural visit to South Africa, May 2014, Day 6,


Taste of Africa is hosting 15 Creative Writing students from the Susquehanna University, (plus two of their Professors):

THIS IS SOUTH AFRICA: enjoyKRUGER PARK SAFARI, while part of the South & African Culture,

LIVING IN VILLAGE HOME-STAY, Commencing in the Alexandra Township, and then 3 nights of Immersion in Zulu Culture, in a Village in the Nqutu area.  We then visit St Lucia for 2 nights, as we take some R&R, drive through Swaziland, and spend a night in a Swazi Village outside the Numbi Gate. A drive through the Panorama Route, a night in a Shangaan Village outside the Orpen Gate. A day-drive through the Park to Punda Maria, 3 nights outside the Punda Maria Gate in Cedric & Nettie’s home village, a night outside Pafuri Gate, with a Venda Community, (a night in the Art community in Elim, and then end with a night in Soweto), or 2 nights in Pretoria:

DAY 6:  21st May 2014       –    visit day 5:

Following five busy, and energy sapping days, we have a late breakfast and the group divide into two and head off in different directions.

It is our driver Lebo’s first experience at the sea, so he has the privilege of joining the group for the morning, leaving Cedric to walk back to the Apartment and do the ‘lunch’ shopping en route.

Glen and his group walk the Board-walk, a must do activity in St Lucia,




the second group walk directly to the beach from the Apartments.

At lunch time, Lebo returns for the lunch, as we had prepared a picnic lunch.

We arrive at the beach just as a sudden rain storm passes over, and we need to rerun to the Apartment for the picnic lunch, missing the beach picnic.


After lunch the students all head off in different directions to enjoy St Lucia.

The evening the students tackle the task of giving us South Africans a braai around the pool area, with an American barbecue flavour.

The socialising continues as some of us take our leave early.

Cedric’s comment:

I have no pic’s for the day, and trust that one of the group will forward a few that they would like to attach to this post:


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