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Alexandra  Tour, the  microcosm of South Africa, a must visit. 

A look at Alexandra Township Tour
Alexandra Township informal shack development
Alexandra Township informal shack development

Alexandra  Tour

Rates:  Ex Sandton central business district using local shared taxi from Sandton.
3,5 hour visit.   R 350 p p sharing, excl. local transport.
Alexandra Township, we will extend the half-day walk to a full-day on request, allowing us to include the new development on the East-Bank.
Rates:  Ex Melville district, ferried to Alex. 
3,5 hour visit.   R 450 p p sharing.
Alexandra lunch

Alexandra lunch

 SUNRISE WALK & other tours:



Alexandra Township Tour
Alexandra Township Tour

Alexandra Township Tour – ‘SUNRISE WALK’  R 450 pp (min 2pax) groups in excess of 6 will be subdivided.

When we experienced the walk through Alexandra from 05:30 to 08:30, we experienced the Alex that we found the most attractive. Could it just be that it is cool, even the winter months can be hot during the day, or just that the magic of Alex waking up and rising around you is magic, you decide.

Our guide will meet you at hotel if central in Sandton, or, at the Gautrain Station at 05:30, hosting you while using the local taxi into Sandton, our preferred option.

Should you wish to self-drive into Alex, we will provide directions to our guide controller on 2nd Avenue Alexandra, where you can park your vehicle.

Your guide will walk the area indicated in the map below compliments of Google. 

1st Avenue, the taxi link and business area, moving through the Zulu enclave, where one of our guides live, and another, chased out by his neighbours in March 1991. 

We proceed past the male hostel, walk via the upmarket Phase 2 with manicured gardens, and visit the Favela on 6th, home to more of our guides and the Favela overnight accommodation. 

We pass the Room where Nelson Mandela stayed in the 1940’s on 7th Avenue, then depending on time, a look at the Avenues before we head back to the business district and board that taxi back to Sandton:

No where in South Africa will you experience the diversity that you will experience in the 1 km sq of the old DARK CITY, that is Alexandra Township:

Join us for an experience you will never forget.


These tours are intended to cater for the Sandton visitor where we can access the local taxi transport in and out of Alexandra Township. 

Any Day Trip ex-Melville will only take place for the 08:30 and 13:30 time slot.

Caution, the people of Alex welcome you, but if moving alone, take note of  this caution:

We consider Alexandra a safe-zone, and in the video we advise caution with regard to understanding the various dynamics that exist in Alexandra, provided you do not conflict with these dynamics, you will never have a problem.



 Alexandra, originally established as a white Township in the 1890’s then, when unable to sell land, the developer converted the Township to a black Township in 1912, sold all the land as the 1913 Land Act approached.

During the 1950’s Alexandra was famous for the 2 American type gangs that controlled the area.

Worse was the expropriation of all residential land, and the forceful removal of residents to Diepkloof in Soweto, and other areas in the late 1950’s.

It was th Apartheid Governments intention to use the land for Hostel Type dwellings to provide accommodation for the labour force, and by 1963 the male and female hostels were built.

In contrast to the forced removals in Sophiatown, because Alex was due to remain a black area, the Council started to collect rentals on all accommodation that was not vacated.

This resulted in difficulty to remove the land-owners who preferred to stay, and great conflict existed through till the 1970’s when Rev Buti was able to change the Council’s minds and the development of Alex was again started.

During the early 1980’s, through some link by a bank, contractors, and Councillors, property was re-sold to those who could afford bond homes. You paid a deposit, and an appointed contractor build the homes through a link to the building society. 

Then, in 1986 the rent boycott, aimed at all the accommodation owned by the Council impacted on those Land-owners who maintained the control over their properties. To-date, no rent is being paid, and conflict exists in many ‘land-owner groups’ who claim ownership, in the face of Government Ownership.

This was followed by the removal of the restrictions on ‘influx-control’ and Alex was one of the first areas where informal shack accommodation swelled, resulting in the over-populated conditions we find today, high-density accommodation that the sewerage system can’t handle.

During 1990, when black on black violence, allegedly driven by outside forces, spread throughout the country, Alex, the ‘Dark City’ maintained relative peace. Then in March 1991 the IFP / ANC violence erupted in the area around the Mens Hostel. Many died, and all non-Zulus were chased out of the area, many of them leaving all their belongings and fleeing.

This section today is still occupied by the Zulu contingent that occupied this enclave.

This is a brief introduction to the dynamics that we need to be aware of:

Cedric de la Harpe;

Alexandra Township Tour informal shack development
Alexandra Township Tour informal shack development
Alexandra Township Tour the vibe on the street
Alexandra Township Tour the vibe on the street

The You Tube in this post gives you a look at Nettie and Cedric de la Harpe’s background to Responsible Travel, and how it has impacted on our Alexandra Township initiative:

While you are looking at Alexandra, maybe Soweto is your other option?

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