SOWETO TOUR by Taste of Africa,

The No Zoo-Like Tour, or rather a guided visit.

Soweto Tour by Taste of Africa, we offer no zoo-like tour, we would rather have our guide disappoint you, through what you may believe is their lack of knowledge, regarding what you may have read on the internet, than restrict his, or her, expression, of how they see South Africa and our history, while allowing others in the community to interact with you.

Soweto Tour
Soweto Tour
Rates:  Transfer and guiding, excluding local transport, museums and lunch:

Note: Rates revised as at July 2016, if we had quoted prior to this date, we will maintain the quoted price.

For transfer purposes, our prices are quoted ex Melville, our home base:

R 450 per person,  ex Melville base.  (single supplement of R250)

We encourage our visitors, who have their own transport, to use the self-drive option, here the guide, on appointment, will meet you at a BP Service Station, 500m off the N1 Highway, and take you to their home, where you will safely park your car, and proceed with the regular visit. 

Self drive option, R 300 per person, (single supplement of R 150).

BP Service Station, Taste of Africa’s meeting point, by arrangement only.

For rates outside of this standard options. please enquire.

Excluded is Local Taxi fares & Meals for you and your guide, plus museum fees. Approx R 150pp.

As these are cash expenses we leave this responsibility to you, avoiding the temptation by others, to coerce the guide into a lunch venue, or for the guide to reduce the distance to save taxi fares.

My preferred lunch venue is the Nancefield Hostel, some of the guides assess your reaction, to noise and other irritations, and may divert you away from it, as they are uncertain of your preferences. 

Taste of Africa takes you on a guided tour through Soweto, walking and  using ‘Public Transport’, to keep you in the spirit of our commitment to the community, we will not support a Soweto Tour, that is a Zoo-Like Drive-By tour, we take the road not taken

Soweto tour
Soweto tour
Brief description:

If not using the self-drive option we will transfer you, to your guides home, starting at 08:30, ex-Melville. If not near Melville arrangements will be made at an additional cost.

You will start at the guides home, and then walking the streets / using local taxi transport you, will move to corners of Soweto, where you will not see other tourists.

Over the years, Taste of Africa has progressed from the team that gave you our history, to one that gives you a magic experience. 

This change is mainly due to the fact that our guides homes are no longer in Orlando East. We have adapted our visit to return to the history with the magic of Soweto.    

Soweto Tour

Our focus is getting you close to the people before we venture to the typical tourist route.

You are welcome to end the day to suit your time requirements, it is possible to end at 14:30 giving you time to move onto the Apartheid Museum, just let your guide know. This is not recommended, as it takes away from your Soweto experience, and takes you into the emotions of the Apartheid Museum after what will be a hectic day.

We do not include the Apartheid Museum, but guide will host you to the Apartheid Museum, and you can Uber back from the museum.

If you would prefer to have a sundowner with the locals, they would love it, please advise your guide early in the day.

Make sure your guide understands how free you are, and if you wish to leave early, always ask if you are going to miss something special.


ORLANDO EAST, 1934 TO 1939, – 

Orlando East, the oldest official Township in Soweto, established between 1934 to 1939 .

Rich inHistory, thanks to the Soweto Leader / Elder James Sofasonke Mpanza, and ANC / PAC political meetings:  


Soweto tour, visit with the respected leader, James Sofasonke Manzi's history.
Soweto tour, visit with the respected leader, James Sofasonke Mpanza’s history.
Soweto tour, typical Orlando East and many young children
Soweto tour, typical Orlando East and many young children





  Regina Mundi Church


Eleven such hostels were build in the 1950’s to accommodate males, (one female hostel) who ‘temporarily’ needed accommodation, while employed.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s these hostels were used by the destabilising forces, to accommodate IFP groups, who were used to attack the community. This still separates the locals from the Hostel.



Soweto tour, outside Mandela museum a few years back
Soweto tour, outside Mandela museum a few years back


Soweto tour, Hector Pieterson museum
Soweto tour, Hector Pieterson museum


Cedric has a passion for this visit, mainly due to the view from the top of the Oppenheimer Tower, and his close link to Credo Mutwa.

A word of warning, our guides are unable to avoid the local site guides aggression, and tendency to keep you as long as possible; please help our guides to move on, when you feel delayed;

Feel free to take my cell number, 082 565 2520, text me if you have any issue at any stage during the day:

Soweto and the people are my passion.


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